About Us

Our Mission

One of the most important contributing factor to our best friends' happiness and well-being is their diet. Our goal is to educate everyone about the various health benefits of the ingredients used while incorporating them into our tasty treats that your pups will love.

Our Values

We believe that treats are much more than just training rewards. They are also a gesture of love to thank our best friends and fur babies for always being there for us. When we treat them, they treat us back with a big smile and a lot of love.

We want you to feel confident and to feel good about what you're sharing with them when it comes to their treats. It is extremely important to us that you know what is used to make the treats, aside from a lot of love of course.

Our Promise

We stand by our products. If we're not comfortable putting them in our own mouths, we would not be sharing them with our dogs or yours.

We avoid using common allergens and use only a limited number of ingredients. All of our ingredients are responsibly sourced and we guarantee that they are fresh, hormone free, antibiotic free, organic and top-notch quality.



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